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Services always include wash, dry, nails, ears, anal gland expression, and brushing. Pets that need haircuts are also available, with extensive experience in all breed standards. Hand stripping is not available.

Most services take approximately one hour to complete. This is quite different from taking your pet to the groom shop where they are most likely caged, and grooming can take up to three to five hours. In groom shops pets are staggered with others that come in for service, and are not completed in one complete service. They are typically washed, left to dry with a cage dryer, and then finished grooming based on the needs of all the pets that have arrived.

With mobile grooming, pets are washed, dried, groomed and return to the home generally within an hour. All grooming is accomplished in our grooming van, in front of your own home, completely independent of your water source or electricity.

Services generally fall into three segments with appropriate pricing:

Bath and Brushout – typically for shorthaired breeds. Prices begin at $50 and increase with size.

Tidy Up – for dogs that just need to be neatened up and do not need a haircut all over their body. For example, a Yorkie might need a tidy up to shape their ears and clean up their face. A Lhasa might need a tidy up after a haircut to clean up their legs, trunk and face as their hair grows out, or until their next cut. A Golden Retriever might need to tidy up to reshape their frame and hindquarters. Most tidy ups begin at $65.

Haircuts – cuts are by breed standard, or customer request. Top knots and bows are available, as well as nail polish (for a fee). Haircuts begin at $70.